News   August, 2018:
Kiki is interviewed for The One Second Smile Project
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Kiki wins 'Best Author' in the 2018 Diva Awards
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Backstage at But She Is My Student - Shanika Ocean plays Lucy Lovett
News   April, 2018:
But She Is My Student aims for the big screen
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European Lesfic Literary Conference catch up with Kiki
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Winters Archer Production Company Shaking up the Industry
Diva   Nov, 2017:
Winters Archer Production Company
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Kiki interviewed by the TES
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Kiki's Top Ten Author Tips
lesbiandotcom   August, 2017: catches up with Kiki Archer for a funny Fast 5
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Kiki Archer on her latest novel and the Diva Literary Festival
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Kiki Archer interviewed by The Write Stuff 
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Kiki Archer interviewed by Australian blogger Rebecca Langham 
radio   December, 2016:
Kiki Archer interviewed on Radio Diva 
vid   November, 2016:
Kiki Archer interviewed by Diva Magazine 
lesbiandotcom   October, 2016:
Kiki Archer talks exclusively to about the sexuality of her readers 
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#NationalComingOutDay Kiki Archer speaks out in Diva Magazine 
Review   October, 2016:
Kiki Archer profiled at The Lesbian Review 
radio   November, 2015:
Listen to Kiki Archer interviewed on The Lesbian Book Club
vid   July, 2015:
Kiki Archer discovers the importance of celebrity allies at a charity night at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern.
vid   July, 2015:
Kiki Archer is guest vlogger at Diva Magazine for the month. Watch her new series "Kiki & Kids Explain" here.
vid   July, 2015:

Author Kiki Archer thanks all those who went rainbow for Pride.

vid   June, 2015:

Plumsauce Productions interview Kiki Archer about her new novel "Too Late... I Love You."

vid   March, 2015:

Kiki Archer comments on the Elton John and Dolce and Gabbana IVF row.

planet   October, 2014:

Kiki Archer discusses IVF funding on the NHS.

planet   August, 2014:

Kiki Archer interviewed by Planet London.

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Kiki Archer interviewed by author AJ Adaire.

  May, 2014:

Kiki Archer interviewed by Diva Magazine.

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Kiki Archer interviewed by g3 Magazine.

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Kiki Archer interviewed by Curve Magazine.

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Jenna James and Susan Quinn chat about "Binding Devotion."

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Kiki Archer interviewed by Jae Writer.

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Readers interview Kiki Archer at LGBTQA Culture.

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When Sally met Sally, an exclusive video interview with Kiki Archer.

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Daydream storyteller interview with Kiki Archer.

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Doin' it for themselves. Independent Publishing with Kiki Archer.

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Getting published with Kiki Archer and Clare Ashton.

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Kiki Archer video interviewed  by the UK Lesbian Fiction Blog.

Sky news   May, 2013:

Kiki Archer interviewed on Sky News.


  April, 2013:

All Things Lesbian: Interview w/ Out Lesbian Author, Kiki Archer.


  March, 2013:

Kiki Archer's Journey to Becoming a Mum.


  February, 2013:

IVF Treatment For Older Women On The NHS - Kiki Archer Interviewed.


  January, 2013:

What Does Marriage Mean in 2013? (Kiki on from 44.20)


  December, 2012:
In Praise of the OWL: The Older Wiser Lesbian.

  November, 2012:
Comment: No Female Bishops? They'll Say No to Equal Marriage Next!

  November, 2012:
Katie Kobrossi from LGBTQA culture interviews Kiki Archer.

  October, 2012:

Doolaly in the USA - Kiki Archer examines gay conversion therapy.


  October, 2012:

All hail the career: SUPER MUMS.



  October, 2012:

3.4% of us are LGBT? Yeah Right. Go Figure!


  October, 2012:
Kiki Archer explains the meaning of the word bigot to Lord Carey.

  August, 2012:
Kiki Archer, lesbian chick lit author.


  August, 2012:
I didn't choose to be a lesbian...I just got lucky.

  July, 2012:

Best-selling lesbian fiction writer Kiki Archer talks exclusively to us about her career and personal Coming Out journey.

  June, 2012:

Sunday Morning Live: Is the Church Wrong about Same Sex Marriage?



  June, 2012:

Why the Church is Wrong about Same-Sex Marriage.