April, 2014

onefootWhen You Know is the sequel to Kiki Archer's best-selling lesbian fiction novel, One Foot Onto The Ice.

Teacher, Susan Quinn, and Club Ski instructor, Jenna James, have finally found love. True love. Real love. Breathless love.

There's chemistry. There's passion. There's a future.

But what happens when distance separates them? 

The fun cast of characters from St Wilfred's All-Girls School are back to support Jenna and Susan on their journeys of self discovery. 

Will Susan be able to overcome her anxieties and accept that Jenna's changed? Will Jenna really be able to give up the life she loves on the slopes of the French Alps to teach alongside Susan? But more importantly, will their new relationship withstand the worries and doubts that social media can cause?

When you know, you know ... but is that ever enough?

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Oct, 2013

onefootDo you ever wonder how your old classmates remember you? Especially those who weren't in your circle.

Susan Quinn, a teacher at St Wilfred's All-Girls School, and Jenna James, a ski instructor in the French Alps, are about to find out.

As an invisible bond draws the two women closer, will they appreciate each other for who they are now, not who they once were?

“One Foot Onto The Ice,” is a fast-paced romance set in the sunny ski resort of Morzine, where the young cast of students and teachers search for excitement on the slopes, with some finding it a lot more easily than others

"Laugh out loud, lesbian chick lit, at its best."

"Kiki Archer writes hilarious, yet thought provoking, novels, which top the lesbian fiction charts time and time again."

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March, 2012

Miss Katherine Spicer started her first day at Coldfield Comprehensive, confident, enthusiastic and

very well qualified; that was until she met the eyes of the student sat hidden in the corner of her classroom.


Kat’s final weekend of freedom was about to turn her life upside down and threaten everything she had been working for; how was she to know those mesmerising green eyes would reappear here?


“Great lesbian chick lit.”


“A cross between Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller and Sugar Rush by Julie Burchill.”


“The novel deals with the many issues of sexuality in a gripping, yet funny manner, pulling the

reader back into a world of teenage nostalgia and school day memories.”


“But She Is My Student will make you laugh out loud and have you crying out for the fairytale



“A really fantastic lesbian novel that also appeals to the avid chick lit reader.”


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August, 2012

Illicit affairs with happy endings. Do they really exist?


In this sequel to Kiki's best selling novel, But She is My Student, Miss Katherine Spicer, a well respected history teacher from Coldfield Comprehensive thinks so. Now in a committed relationship with her ex-student Freya, she feels she has it all: A thriving career, a wonderful girlfriend, and a fun-filled apartment shared with her very best friends. Previous insecurities are gently fading away and for the first time ever, she feels truly loved


But will a chain of events, triggered by the deliberate and intentional actions of Freya’s new university acquaintance, see the downfall of their relationship? Has Kat got the strength to believe when Freya’s desire to stay strong is questioned.


"Instigations follows the ups and downs of all fast moving lesbian love affairs. From moving in, to   

moving on. A rollercoaster ride, full of emotion. Laugh out loud with the highs and cry in sorrow with

the lows."


"Lesbian chick lit at its best."


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March, 2013

“What’s more important … the bond of marriage or the pull of desire?”
“But what’s more powerful?”

Andi Armstrong is the 29-year-old CEO of the UK’s largest LGBT campaigning organisation, Proud Unity. She’s a public figure, an empowering speaker, a devoted boss and a loyal wife. Or so she thought.

Having spent the past seven years fighting for the marriage rights of same-sex couples, she can’t imagine that her own civil partnership might actually be failing. She committed for life. She’s bound by law. She’s an example of how it works … Andi Armstrong knows that she has to make it work. She wants it to work.
But what happens when desire takes over ... when the pull is too strong? Should Andi sacrifice everything, her beliefs and her loyalty … for desire, for excitement, for happiness ... for love?rainbow

For someone who isn’t her wife?

“Binding Devotion” is a saucy and topical lesbian fiction novel that will leave you questioning the intricacies of commitment in the face of unexpected infidelity.

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